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P. Grey (1999-2007)

Between 1999 and 2007 I wrote numerous fiction stories using the pseudonym P. Grey. While I do think that great ideas lurked between the lines, a brief glance over my texts reveal that my writing style needed to mature.

Much time would have been saved if I had read Kurt Vonnegut’s "How to write with style. But I was enthusastic and brave and surged forth. Some desicions are best when uninformed. Contradictions urges thought.

1. Obituary - My first publication(!) by Crowswing Books. The story appeared in a short story collection titled New Wave of Speculative Fiction. Thanks, Sean Wright, for accepting my story. I have the book as well.

2. The Writing on the Wall - Published by Delivered, they sent me the chapbook too!

3. The Great Ticklelishing Programme - A children’s novel which was taken up for representation by the Parkeast Literary Agency. Dozens upon dozens of rejection slips later from major publishing houses, I was dropped by the agents. However Donna Eastman and co were nice enough to always post the rejection letters to me.

4. Never Leave Her Alone - Published by The Lightning Journal

5. Baa Rum Paa - Published by Saltboy Bookmakers in their collection Ten Plagues.

6. Glenda Pencer and the Wish Dish - Published by Twisted Tongue.