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An elderly man has fallen ill. His young son visits the local traditional healer Baa-Rum-Paa and seeks help. But the traditional healer is a surly characters who angers the young man. The young man foolishly makes a innocent wish but the results are, well, unimaginable.

This story was published before 2007 by Saltboy Bookmakers. I used the pen name P.Grey.

The following review is from Gud Magazine
The plague of darkness is represented by P. Grey's "Baa-Rum-Pa", though the plague is more of a personal affliction--and brought on by rash behaviour and frustration. Nazeer finds himself in need of a witch doctor, Baa-Rum-Pa, after all other remedies have been exhausted in the treatment of his father's mysterious ailment. It is the building madness of Nazeer and the random and abusive eccentricity of Baa-Rum-Pa that make this story.

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