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Gallery of Collaborators

The following details the artists, musicians, film-makers and other collaborators with whom I have collaborated in the past. We all work as volunteers on creative projects. It is done for the love of art and I'm grateful for their contributions.

  1. David Fox, guitarist and producer, Ireland
  2. Ezekiah Rose, singer, drummer, Jamaica
  3. Sarah Leggett, singer, United Kingdom
  4. Anamoli Meraki, poet and singer, United Kingdom
  5. Luke Pascall, guitarist, singer and producer, USA
  6. Bruno Moses, bassist, Nigeria
  7. Gabor Fonyo, cinematographer, Hungary
  8. Wade B. Ward, singer, composer, producer USA
  9. Anthony Wraith, artist, United Kingdom
  10. Andy Rice, guitarist, USA
  11. Hermansyah Filani, singer, The Phillipines
  12. Aarón Soto, producer, Venezuela
  13. Zuzanna Dassonville, singer, Poland
  14. Dan Lockhart, musician and producer, USA
  15. Frank Hench, animator, Canada
  16. Dick Vestdijk, musician, Netherlands
  17. Westlake, singer, Nigeria
  18. Charlotte Lilt, artist, musician, actor and producer, USA
  19. Dan Blackard, singer, USA
  20. Jean Margaret Harvey & Simon John Harvey, photographers, United Kingdom
  21. Saul Brujula, musician and producer, Spain
  22. Yan Abelardo, musician, The Phillipines
  23. Ian Huish, filmmaker, Australia
  24. Michelle Weston, singer, USA
  25. Katrina Russ, producer, sound engineer, USA
  26. Justin Morgan, songwriter, bassist, guitarist, Australia
  27. Greg McMillan, photographer, video editor, Canada
  28. Paulo 'Nothinbutdablues', blues guitarist, Portugal
  29. Reddy Jie, musician, Netherlands
  30. Hannah Robertson, singer, USA
  31. Samuel Robertson, singer, USA
  32. Jay D, hip-hop artist, Australia
  33. Celine Muriel, storyteller, France
  34. Dan Pompas, drummer, Romania
  35. Denise Brown, dancer, USA
  36. Nick Nugent, guitarist and singer, United Kingdom
  37. Christopher Webb, guitarist and bassist, United Kingdom
  38. Claudio de los Rios, guitarist and singer, Canada
  39. Nuno Machado, guitarist and drummer, Portugal
  40. Benjamin Rossouw, guitarist, Netherlands
  41. Jeffrey Ardnt, guitarist and drummer, USA
  42. Sally Csordas, filmmaker, Sweden
  43. Joel Pettersson, filmmaker, Sweden
  44. Michal Pawlowski, photographer, Poland

David Fox

A long-time collaborator, guitarist and producer from Ireland - we worked on the album The Sprint and played in the band Awooga.

We did write a few songs together - there's also a few more in the works, I just need to get around to them.

Ezekiah Rose

Born in Kingston Jamaica,, Omar Phillips aka Ezekiah Rose answered his musical calling from a tender age.
Raised in Spanish Town, where he learnt to play the drums leading to performing on Sundays in church. His passion for the music became greater after leaving school.

Accepting Rastafari with psalm chanting and drum beating Ezekiah Rose began experiencing more meaningful musical inspirations. Through the passage of time Ezekiah Rose has matured on his musical journey. Now composing his own material, which is released on his own record label E.R.P, Ezekiah Rose Productions.

Ezekiah Rose started voicing professionally in 2005 ,with songs as Tik Tok, Jah Is and Love.
Ezekiah Rose appeared on a number of local shows such as Smile Jamaica 2007, Teenseen, Hype Tv and got radio airplay on radio stations in and out of Jamaica . One more day one more song. This is the approach Ezekiah takes as he writes about the universe glorifying the creator and expressing the soul.

Charity is a big part of Ezekiah's life, and so donating songs an composing tracks for charity is always a part of his way of giving to society. In July 2014 (Prosperity ) a song for The Sick Be Nourished Project based in England & Ethiopia providing medical supplies to the Ethiopians.
His latest project was a song Ray Of Hope for the Song Weavers World Wide Charity Organisation.
It's a dream come true to be able to spread hope.

Check out songs on iTunes Ezekiah Rose on iTunes.
His website is Ezekiah Rose Online.
You can also find Ezekiah Rose on Facebook.

Sarah Leggett

Sarah Leggett is a singer from the United Kingdom. I worked with her on the song Dogkiller.

Check out her Youtube channel Sarah Leggett on Youtube.

Her website is SL Psychology. You can also find SL Psychology on Facebook. She works often with musicians looking to change or grow in some way. She is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology. She is passionate about music and learning anything new and collaborating creatively.

Anamoli Meraki

A poet and singer from the UK with an amazing voice, Anamoli and I collaborated on the house song The Wind which was based on a poem she had written.

I look forward to more collaborations with her. We have been discussing a poetry concept album, plus I may have a few songs that she might like to try out.

Luke Pascall

Canadian artist Luke Pascall, also know as Spunky Munkey has over 200 songs under his belt. I am working on a few songs with him.

Check out his website Spunky Munkey.

Last but not least, here are some words from Spunky Munkey.

Spunky Munkey came about as the end result of a cover band from way back. All the best band names seem to have a double meaning and so does Spunky Munkey. Songwriting began in earnest, back arond 2000 and since that time over 300 songs and counting, have been written. The style is mainly rock and experimentation. One instrumental song has been written and it came about in 4 parts, based on some jazz chords.

Spunky Munkey records with N Track and uses Harbal and Cool Edit as editors, with a wide assortment of vst plugins. Music production and technique is engrained by this point and if you need production or advice Spunky Munkey can provide that. A search of Spunky Munkey across the internet will lead you to all kinds of original Spunky Munkey music. The band name Spunky Munkey has been registered since the mid 90's. The music journey continues.... Stay tuned, Rock On.

Spunky Munkey has a Facebook page but the real social media home is Twitter. @spunkymunkeymus

Bruno Moses

Bruno Moses, also known as Moskybass, is a seasoned bass player from Nigeria, west Africa. He worked on Running in Love
He has played bass for about 15 years now and has practiced music for over 20 years. He is Howasom certified, music producer and a solo artist. He has played major gigs both within and outside his state, most of it with him in the lead. He's the CEO Street Jamz Crew - a crew that tours different part of the country for street live music concert. He has been awarded best bass player of the year (2016) he's currently the bass player of Goldcity Centre in Calabar.
Moskybass also has over the years conducted an online free bass lessons for bass players within and outside his country.

Websites and Social Media:
Personal website and blog - check it out for great bass lessons.
Moses on Facebook.
Find Moskybass (@Moskybass) on Twitter .
Youtube channel for Bruno Moses with great music.

Gabor Fonyo

A cinematographer who worked on Irving Ernstein and the Murder at Haddon Hall.


Wade B. Ward

Wade B. Ward is a composer, lyricist, performer and producer from Orange County, CA. He worked on Running in Love.

His family was musical and had popular records of the 50s and 60s playing as he grew up. His first memories are of conducting the record player. His mother was a talented pianist and singer, and although he rebelled at formal music lessons, he taught himself piano and guitar by ear. Later, he joined the school band and played brass instruments, giving him a love of orchestral and big band music. With his two brothers, he formed a group in the 1970s and played locally around the mid-west. He continually opened his mind to different kinds of music and started writing songs while still a teenager.

"I want to create compelling music that touches and motivates people. I believe music is the best way to transmit emotions and ideas. Any project will benefit from the right type of music and my goal is to work with creators to achieve their goals."

You can reach Wade at wadebwardmusic@gmail.com
You can also find him on his personal website.

Anthony Wraith

An artist from the UK who worked on Running in Love.

Andy Rice

A guitarist from USA who worked on Running in Love.
He is 58 years old and married 24 years with a 14 year old daughter.
Andy is the morning show host at a local radio station in Eastern Colorado.
He is also a professional lamp maker and an amateur guitar player.

You can find him on Facebook.

Hermansyah Filani

A Realist Impressionist, he is a a a self thought painter from 'Indonesia' who loves Rock n Roll and Heavy Metal. Born and raised in small town called 'Jepara.' He no longer plays in a band but has "One man band project" called 'Vishva' on Soundcloud. Little bit too late for learn to play guitar, I had chance to learn guitar seriously when I was 16. Influenced by the latest 80s and early 90s Rock/Metal band." He was part of the the Lady in White collaboration.

Websites and Social Media:
Personal Website.
Other website.

Aarón Soto

Aarón Soto is a 19 year old producer from a little city in Venezuela. He's just starting on the production world. He has a strong musical background and was lead French horn in a youth symphonic orchestra for 6 years. His work ranges from Alternative R&B to Electronic Dance Music including Trap, Hip Hop and Pop. He's always looking for new challenges and loves to collaborate so if you are interested get in contact with him. His mail address is here aaronsoto1997 AT gmail.com.

Aarón Soto is working on production of a few songs with me. His first is We Become by Luke Pascall. The next is Stalingrad by The Wheels.

You can find Aarón Soto on Soundcloud or Aarón Soto on Facebook by clicking the links.

Zuzanna Dassonville

In 2016 and 2017 I worked with Zuzanna Dassonville, a Polish musician living in France on It's no fun by Moonstruck. She provided the female vocals. She also provided great harmonies and is a music teacher. She plays piano as well.

In the meanwhile you can find her on Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud as well as on Wix.

Dan Lockhart

In 2016 and 2017 I worked with Dan Lockhart on It's no fun by Moonstruck. I co-produced the music with him. He played all the instruments. I also worked with him on Irving Ernstein and the Murder at Haddon Hall. Finally in 2018 I started working with him on the musical Brendan the Navigator.

In the meanwhile you can find him on Reverbnation, Soundcloud, as well as on and Soundcloud again.

Frank Hench

Frank Hench is an animator from USA. In 2018 I started working with Frank Hench on the musical Brendan the Navigator.

In the meanwhile you can find him on Instagram.

Dick Vestdijk

Dick Vestdijk is a musician from The Netherlands. In 2018 I started working with him on the musical Brendan the Navigator.

In the meanwhile you can find him on Soundcloud.


Westlake's real name is David Nwoko. He is from Nigeria and sang on the track (Inspired by) Suge Knight .

Charlotte Lilt

Charlotte is an American actor, voiceover artist, musician, writer, and director, based out of Phoenix, Arizona. She loves collaborating on creative endeavors with other artists and strives to produce quality, impactful work. I am working on Irving Ernstein and Murder at Haddon Hall with her.

You can find more information on Charlotte Lilt on IMDB, Facebook, as well as on Youtube.

Dan Blackard

In 2016 and 2017 I worked with Dan Blackard on It's no fun by Moonstruck. He provided the male vocals.

In the meanwhile you can find Dan Blackard on Soundcloud as well as on Reverbnation.

Jean Margaret Harvey & Simon John Harvey

In 2016 and 2017 I worked with Jean Margaret Harvey on It's no fun by Moonstruck. She provided great and immaculate photos. Her husband Simon John Harvey also assisted.

You can find Jean Harvey on her website as well as on Simon Harvey on his website.

Saul Brujula

In 2015 I recruited Saul Brujula to create music for Joel Pettersson's animation film 'Save the Tiger', otherwise known as 'Casey Jones'.

The animation film is on hiatus, and Saul and I decided to continue on a collaboration. We are still working on the ideas.

In the meanwhile you can find Saul Brujula on Soundcloud.

Yan Abelardo

Yan Abelardo is a gifted singer from The Phillipines.

He sang vocals on I'll be with you babe.

Websites and Social Media:
Yan Abelardo on Twitter.
Yan Abelardo on Facebook.
Yan Abelardo on Soundcloud.

Ian Huish

Ian Huish from Newcastle, Australia came on board and worked extremely diligently on the video. It was a great collaboration and output was far better than we expected. Some of the relevant links for Ian are Newcastle Video Moviemakers, A Dramatic Short Film and his tracking of the video The Wind Music Video in progress.

What was great was that Ian got it that we were all volunteers and wanted to create something beautiful and interesting. That made it all the more fun and exciting...

Michelle Weston

A fantastic voice from the US - Michelle Weston and I are working on Free, which aims to be a great collaboration with two singers and a DJ. I can't wait to release the final mix on Youtube.

In addition, I plan on more collaborations with her.

Katrina Russ

From solving Rubik's Cubes to playing retro games, nothing gets by 22-year old Katrina Russ (V3XL0R). Russ decided to start making EDM, back in March 2012, to explore and create new sounds that were out of this world. V3XL0R's musical influence comes from her monster friend, Dennis, her synesthesia (music to visual and music to touch/feel), and her melolagnia fetish. V3XL0R uses these influences to create orchestrated, cartoony, grimy, growly, yoy-oy themed tracks. Most tracks are free, so take a listen (or download) and see what you think. Peace!

We worked on the song The Wind together. I was impressed by the mixing and the sonic quality of the music.

You can find Katrina Russ on Soundcloud or on Twitch.

Justin Morgan

Justin Morgan is a songwriter, guitarist and bassist from Australia. He played lead, solo and rhythm guitar on the track We Become by Luke Pascall. He also played rhythm guitar and bass guitar on the track I'll be with your babe by Electric Balloon.

You can find Justin Morgan on Soundcloud.

Greg McMillan

A printer by trade but loving technology and photography. He recently sold his DSLR gear and now shoots with just his iPhone and Moment Lenses. Greg is self taught in everything and is starting to get into more video work. His interests aside from tech and photography include motorsports (mostly NASCAR and Formula 1), and movies, especially a good comedy. He is a happily married Christian living in Canada where they enjoy all the seasons. This makes for good photography all year round. He was part of the the Electric Balloon collaboration.

Websites and Social Media:
Greg McMillan Website.
Greg McMillan Photos.
Greg McMillan on Twitter.
Greg McMillan on Facebook.
Greg McMillan on Instagram.

Paulo 'Nothinbutdablues'

A blues guitarist from Portugal who played on the track Stalingrad by Luke Pascall. Once the track is completed, I will put up a link to it.

Here are some words by Paulo 'Nothinbutdablues' himself.

Mostly, as a self-taught guitar player (maybe not... considering all the influences and internet/book resources I've come across lately!) and rather than trying to be anything remotely near a good player of any great technique, I'm not bound by genre or clichés. Blues is a human expression of emotion. That may explain why I felt called to blues music, even though, I grew up in Europe, a continent apart from the music’s heartlands in America’s Deep South.

I’m a fan of raw guitar players who aren’t really polished… you’re not sure if it’s all going to fall apart. Those who, rather than trotting out a collection of preconceived practiced licks and lines, take some chances along the way, creating ideas on the spot. IMHO they sound more exciting and impressive for it. I play whatever comes into my head. It's an adventure, because when I do a breakdown or a solo, it's new each time and I just let it go... The real beauty is playing without thinking and once you have some concepts down, what comes out, is from the heart. It's second nature. I just enjoy listening and playing some music, in honor of that timeless way of killing time (just for the fun of it...and whenever inspired). I'm happiest picking out a blues tune to a suitable backing track. After all, simple music is the hardest to play...

As a tone fiend, I like to let those bluesy guitar tones breathe a little bit. But, almost everything I play, it never, ever comes out quite the way I heard it in my head. Sometimes I end up with something that's kind of close, but it's not quite what intended originally. These uploaded tracks are no exception... They are far from being perfect. First of all, I'm not a fan of perfection when it comes to music. Playing music is a human activity, and we humans are far from perfect! There is a certain charm in something that feels human with the flow of a spontaneous performance. It's that spontaneity that makes for the magic...

You can find Paulo 'Nothinbutdablues' on Soundcloud, iTunes or Amazon.

Reddy Jie

Reddy Jie is from The Netherlands. We jammed together once and created a cover version of the Oasis song Wonderwall. He has a great voice and plays piano as well. We should collaborate again soon!

Hannah Robertson

Hannah Robertson is one half of the duo The Woodlands. I created music for the track Making Love on the Mountain for them.

You can find The Woodlands on Facebook by clicking the link.
You can find The Woodlands on Spotify as well.

Samuel Robertson

Samuel Robertson is one half of the duo The Woodlands. I created music for the track Making Love on the Mountain for them.

You can find The Woodlands on Facebook by clicking the link.
You can find The Woodlands on Spotify as well.

Jay D

Jay D is a hip-hop artist from Melbourne, Australia. We worked on the track Nothin' together.

He has a good voice for rap and hip-hop. If possible, we will work again in the future.

Celine Muriel

A French storyteller who was the vocalist on the Happy Monday Everybody track.

Dan Pompas

A Romanian drummer who played on the Happy Monday Everybody track.

Denise Brown

A dancer from New York, Denise Brown's movements were used for the main female character from animation film Popula.

Nick Nugent

A guitarist and singer from the UK, I played with Nick Nugent in the band Music Town. Together with Christopher Webb he wrote a song called The Edge which, I thought, was really good.

Christopher Webb

Christopher Webb is a guitarist and a bassist from the UK. We played together in the band Music Town. He wrote The Edge with Nick Nugent.

Claudio de los Rios

Claudio de los Rios plays great guitar and was excellent in singing harmony in the band Music Town.

Nuno Machado

Nuno Machados is a drummer and guitarist. He was the drummer in Music Town but got some guitar action in my song It's all right. He also played guitar, bells and keyboards on I'll be with you babe as well as guitar on Dogkiller.

Sally Csordas

Sally Csordas is an animator from Sweden. I did production work on her 4-minute animation film Popula in 2015. Her animation film is still in progress and has a beautiful story. Once I learn that it is done, I'll post more references to it.

Joel Pettersson

Joel Pettersson is an animator from Sweden. I did production work on his 10-minute animation film Save the Tiger in 2015 and 2016. The film is on hiatus at present. Joel is a great animator and his work reminds me of the work from animation studio BRB Internacional.

Michal Pawlowski

Michal Pawlowski is a photographer from Poland. He supplies covers for the albums that I create.

You can find Michal Pawlowski online by clicking the link.