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Onuka: When I met you

Onuka are Nata Zhyzhchenko and Eugene Filatov. They are from Ukraine. To find them on Facebook, click here Onuka on Facebook.

In 2015 I began work on a volunteer project with director/editor Jonathan Mines and musician David Fox in combination with lyrics provided by Onuka.

The lyrics are for the song When I met you. My role in the project is executive producer, as well as some music production with David Fox. In other words, I get everyone to work together.
The music was completed. Unfortunately, owing to unforeseen circumstances, the final video could not be completed. Instead a secondary video with a single shot of a painting and text was created. See the links below.
It was a fun and exciting project, with a great attitude by the team.

Below is the a copy of the video script written by Jonathan Mines. Check out his website Jonathan Mines. It is a great place to find a creative video editor.

Further below are Youtube videos. The one of the right is the original and the one on the left is the new version.