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Music Town

And so in late 2014 I started a new group which went through many name and band member changes. It was a discovery of a good fit of musicians and sound.

The aim was to play a mix of originals and covers. The set up was Nick Nugent (vocals, guitars), Christopher Webb (guitarist), Claudio de los Rios (guitarist), Nuno Machado (drums) and me (bass guitar).

Previous names of the band include Sticky Jam, Adhesive Butter and Velcro Jelly. It is worthy to mention the names of past band members, who may very well return, who knows - Jeffrey Ardnt (drums), Benjamin Rossouw (guitar) and David Fox (guitar).

In late 2015 I took all our live recordings for the past 2 years and decide to compile them into an album: It Takes a Town to Raze a Village.

The complete playlist for It takes a Town to Raze a Village is on Soundcloud. Or just listen below.