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Working Title: Save the Tiger or, Casey Jones (2015-2016)

In August 2015 I began work as the producer of the approximately 10 minute animation short Save the Tiger, otherwise known as Casey Jones. The title has yet to be refined, based on discussions between myself and the director/animator.

Joel Pettersson, a talented animator from Sweden, will serve as director.
Casey Jones is a fast-paced tale where a train driver and his assistant must race against time and deliver medical supplies to the hospital. Every second is important and in the end...spoiler ends here.

Like all of my projects, this a volunteer-driven collaborative. All of us, including me and the animator/director, are doing this in our spare time.

Thus far I have found and recruited the following volunteers:
  • Foley artists Assi Sender and Andreas Skoglos from Berlin, (they have volunteered for two projects, the other being my production of Popula)
  • Saul Brulja from Barcelona for the musical score. A sample of his work can be found here: The Warrior.
This animation project will take some time and will be a wonderful film.

After almost a year of work, I had decided to stop my production work in 2016 so that I could focus on other interests. But Joel and his team will continue with their work. Success comes with bit of hard work and lots of luck.

Below is a sneak peak into the film.