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Brendan the Navigator (2018)

In 2017 I was invited by a former collaborator Dan Lockhart to work with him on a musical called Brendan the Navigaor.

It is based on the Irish tale of a saint who sailed the seas and had multiple adventures. Dan Lockhart worked on music with Dick Vestdijk, who is based in The Netherlands.

My immediate action was to write a script for the play and produce the animation.
The script was completed and I found Frank Hench from USA who worked on the animation.

I moved to the role of primary producer of the project. Since we are all volunteers, I followed the strategy of keeping things simple and allowing the contributors to work at their own, steady pace.

The script is complete. However, owing to demands on my time, I excused myself from the project. I asked Frank Hench to consolidate our work in a video. It is below, as well as the script.