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Greetings on this '.date(l).' from everyone at Give Back.

You have received this because your email address has been listed next to a charity organisation on Give Back.
Find below a few of the entries on our Message Board.
Clicking on the links will take you to the Give Back website where you can find more details about the notice.

'; $noticetypetags=array("I am looking for a charity...", "A Charity is looking for...", "New Charity"); $searchresult="NotFound"; foreach ($noticetypetags as &$value) { $bgtablecolour="grey"; $query="select noticenum,noticetitle,date,requesttype,subname,sublocation,noticetype from noticeboard where (noticetype='".$value."') and (requesttype='Notice' or requesttype='Charity') and (unix_timestamp()-unix_timestamp(date)<15638400) order by date desc limit 5"; $mysqlconnect=mysql_connect('localhost','giveback_admin','admin') or die ('Error. Please notify Give Back.'); mysql_select_db('giveback_charityorgs'); $result=mysql_query($query); $emailnoticecounter=0; $tablelineemail.= 'Section: ' . $value. ''; $tablelineemail.=" "; while ($line = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_NUM)) { $emailnoticecounter++; $searchresult="Found"; $vcscharitydate=$line[2]; $vcscharitydetails=$line[1]; $vcscharitynum=$line[0]; $vcsrequesttype=$line[3]; $vcsrequestnum=$line[4]; $vcsrequestlocation=$line[5]; $vcsnoticetype=$line[6]; $vcscharitydate2=date('d M',strtotime($vcscharitydate))." '".date('y',strtotime($vcscharitydate)); if ($vcsnoticetype != 'New Charity') {$linktogoto='http://www.giveback.co.za/noticedetail.php?noticenum='.$vcscharitynum;} if ($vcsnoticetype == 'New Charity') {$linktogoto='http://www.giveback.co.za/charitydetail.php?charitynum='.$vcsrequestnum;} if ($bgtablecolor=="white") {$tablelineemail.='';$bgtablecolor="grey";} else {$tablelineemail.='';$bgtablecolor="white";} $tablelineemail.= '
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'.$emailnoticecounter.'. '. $vcscharitydetails . ''; if ($vcsnoticetype != 'New Charity') { $tablelineemail.= '
'. $vcsrequestnum . ','; $tablelineemail.= ''. $vcsrequestlocation.'
"; } $tablelineemail.= "
"; } //End initialise Create Message $firsttext= 'Till next time,
Thanks for giving back!

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